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Janet Gesme, translator/musician


I am a translator, musician, teacher, wife and mother. I play a viola made by Martin Schleske and a cello made by Edward Geesman. Both instruments have rich stories that interweave with the fabric of my life, which has been full of joy and sorrow, but above all, gratitude to the all-knowing, all-compassionate, all-loving Creator. I am dedicated to language learning and I am currently working to improve my Russian, Spanish, French, and Korean and am learning a little Mandarin and Hungarian as well.


  • Bachelors in Viola Performance from the University of Missouri-Columbia

  • Masters in German from Portland State University

Time Line

More of my story as it unfolds . . . .

Working up the courage to share my story has been a long road. Here you will find a time line, providing a rough sketch of my life story. If you are interested in a particular event on my timeline, please let me know and I will share more about it.

Please consider sending me your "Sanftmut" story as well!

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